Fund setup

Fund setup.

In the fund business, we specialise in the establishment and management of investment funds. We see ourselves here as the interface between our client, who usually acts as fund manager, and the other participants in the fund project. One of our strengths here is our independence from a particular custodian bank, so that we can act exclusively in the interests of our clients.

Drafting and submission of requests for authori-sation to the Liechtenstein FMA and all dealings with the authorities with a view to obtaining authorisation

Advice on how to design your fund solution (choice of fund type and legal form)

Intermediation of a Liechtenstein depositary suitable for your needs, together with all related investigations and negotiations

Compilation of a dossier containing all the requisite documents (CVs, declara-tions, business plan, etc.)

Name availability check with the Liechtenstein Commercial Register and confirmation of name availability

Appointment of certified auditors, including all negotiations and investigations

Drafting of amendments to the prospectus and submission for approval and publication

All necessary co-ordination between the principal, the depositary, the fund manager and Ahead

Representation with regard to authorisations for cross-border distribution in other countries

Drafting of the necessary documents, especially the prospectus (including investment regulations), in line with the needs of the promoters

Repatriation of funds to Liechtenstein

Intermediation of other third-party service providers


Fund administration.

In the area of fund administration we offer the following services:


Calculation of the net asset value.

We determine the net asset value of your fund (price review of the securities contained in the fund, determination of the cash reserve and the accrued costs) and ensure timely publication in the desired media.

Management of fund accounting.

Our fund accounting department ensures that all business transactions are processed promptly. We ensure the implementation of all capital measures for the fund, carry out year-end closing work, distributions, reinvestments and fund mergers.

Investment Compliance.

Our compliance team monitors compliance with legal and contractual investment limits ex post. On request, we also carry out ex ante audits to determine whether an investment would comply with the fund guidelines. We are happy to advise you in all questions of risk management. Benefit from our know-how and the risk measurement procedures we employ.


We support you in the entire area of reporting in accordance with your individual requirements and the legal regulations in the respective sales country. Depending on the valuation periodicity of your fund, we provide you with meaningful standard fund reporting. In addition, we prepare semi-annual and annual reports for your fund and meet other official reporting requirements in the Principality of Liechtenstein and the distribution countries. We accompany the auditing activities and ensure the timely publication of the reports and other relevant data.

Fundsoftware DIAMOS-F.

We use DIAMOS-F software from DIAMOS AG in Sulzbach (D) for calculating the net asset value, managing fund accounting and monitoring investment guidelines as well as implementing various other investment compliance functions.



Ahead Wealth Solutions AG is an independent management company that has been able to perform asset management for funds in addition to its fund management function since 2008. In 2021, the asset management services will be expanded to include:

Asset management for private and institutional clients

Asset management for funds and certificates

Asset management for traditional and alternative asset classes

Asset management services such as asset consolidation and investment reporting

We have an experienced team of investment specialists who can respond flexibly and independently to your needs. Together with your advisor, you work out your risk profile and investment strategy, taking into account your life goals. We transparently show you the opportunities and risks in the context of your investment goals. We accompany you, report transparently and discuss developments regularly.

Location Liechtenstein.

Benefit from an innovative fund location in the heart of Europe with attractive conditions. With the management of several hundret fund solutions, Ahead Wealths Solutions AG is a proven specialist in the establishment and managment of funds. We offer you the necessary know - how - localy and worldwide.

Efficient Fund setup.

There is an excellent working relationship between financial institutions and the authorities, so that funds can be launched with little bureaucracy. The legally prescribed maximum authorisation periods for a UCITS and an AIF are currently 10 and 20 days respectively.

Strong investor protection.

Liechtenstein investment fund law gives high priority to investor protection. The supervisory authority and accredited audit firms verify compliance with the relevant legislation.

EU-compliant funds.

Liechtenstein‘s membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) and its implementation of the relevant EU fund directives (UCITS and AIFM) in national law mean that all Liechtenstein funds enjoy easy, non-discretionary access to the European market.

Attractive framework conditions.

Liechtenstein‘s fund sector benefits from being part of a stable financial Services industry with an efficient banking System and modest levels of taxation. Liechtenstein banks have levels of capitalisation that are among the highest in Europe. In addition, Liechtenstein has no national debt and is one of few nations in the world to boast an AAA country rating from Standard & Poor’s.